Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pearly Ruffles Top

Length: 62cm   Bust: 26-32inch   UK Size: 06 - small 10
Material: Cotton
Item Code: MPC0120T
Price: RM33

:: A simple top with ruffles lined with pearls. Easy to match yet it won't come out looking dull. You can match it with a pair of skinny jeans or just tuck it in a high waisted jeans or shorts and you're good to go. The length is even long enough for you to tuck in if you're wearing a medium waisted shorts ::

Hey Soul

Length: 25cm   Waist: 24-28inch   UK Size: 04-08
Material: Jeans
Item Code: MPC0217S
Price: RM42

:: Do keep in mind that this is not high waisted nor low waisted because single button medium waisted shorts are the must have this season! Easy to match with ANY tops (but not chiffon materialed ones) and it's never to sloppy to wear it out. The outline of this shorts can help make your hips and thighs look slimmer and the strechable soft jeans material made it so comfortable to wear ::

Country Babe

Length: 55cm   Waist and Bust: 22-30inch   UK Size: 06-10
Material: Chiffon with thick lining and knitted lace
Item Code: MPC0315D
Price: RM43

:: Personally a favorite piece of mine. I love the overall of the design and the light colors are not even see through at all because their lining are quite thick. But I would advise tall girls to wear a hot pants inside for it can be pretty short for you girls and it can't be wear just like that. Best of all, the belt in the pictures above are free for you! There you go, save the trouble of thinking what belt to match this dress. I would dare to strut this dress out in a pair of brown cowboy boots if you have, or a simple sandals can do simple magic too ::

Dolly In Work

Dots Of Love Top Measurement:
Length: 60cm   UK Size: 06 - small 10
Material: Chiffon
Item Code: MPC0121T
Price: RM39

Lace Panel Skirt Measurement:
Length: 38cm   Waist: 22-29inch   UK Size: 06 - small 10
Material: Soft Cotton
Item Code: MPC0216S
Price: RM36


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Dot Dress

Length: 87cm   Waist: 22-28inch   UK Size: 06-10
Material: Chiffon + Cotton (Full lining inside)
Item Code: MPC0314D
Price: RM35

:: If you read ViVi Magazine May issue they're so full of vintage polka dots! So you should get your hands on one too! This dress is a very casual dress and it's not too short so you can go to class in style ::

Friday, April 8, 2011

Military Shorts

Length: 34cm   Waist: 22-26inch   UK Size: 04-08
Material: Cotton
Item Code: MPC0214P
Price: RM38

:: High waisted shorts are never out of season and u'll never get sick of buying them either. This military designed high waisted shorts colors are easily match with any tops and their design is not too complicated. Lined with military lace and button at the waistline, you don't need to add any belt to it already. For casual look, pair it with a pair of sandals or a pair of gladiator heels to rawk up your outfit ::

Carefree Bear

Length: 55cm   Pit to Pit: 44cm   UK Size: 06-10
Material: Chiffon with lining
Item Code: MPC0120T
Price: RM34
:: As carefree as it seems this top looks good just the way it is or by tucking it in with a high waisted shorts or skirts. Suitable during a hot sunny day or a stroll at the park or if you're going to the beach. I personally adore the lime green coz the color reli stands out especially on fair skin! And also the purple is a dark purple, my camera enable to capture the correct color it kept coming out looking like black.. FML! ::

Pleated Skirt

Length: 39cm   Waist: 23-29inch   UK Size: 04-08
Material: Chiffon with cotton lining
Item Code: MPC0215S
Price: RM42

:: Another Topshop inspired piece. Also one of the upcoming fashion in ViVi too! There's so many ways to play mix and match with if you're bold enough to wear it out. You can play with the classic school girl look by wearing a princess sleeve top and knee length socks or play the vintage sexy look by pairing it with a patterned sockings ::

sexy peplum dress



Length: 75cm   Waist: 24-28inch   Bust: 22-27inch   UK Size: 06 - small 10
Material: Thick Cotton
Item Code: MPC0313D
Price: RM45

:: Peplum dresses are simply divine! The right choice for a Friday night out after work coz it's not too sexy to wear it at work and it's not too lame either to wear it out for happy hour. This dress pop out on its own even without a belt. Best to pair with a pair of killing stiletto heels ::

Casual Playsuit

                                         Length: 75cm   Waist: 22-29inch   UK Size: 06-10
Material: Cotton
Item Code: MPC0213P
Price: RM38
:: Playsuits are always the easiest for lazy days. There's no need to squeeze our brains thinking what to match with this top or this skirt and stuff. Just put on a nice playsuit match it up with a belt and u'r good to go. This particular design is simple but u can play around with your accessories to make it look so good. Their material is of good quality cotton so needless to worry about any peekaboo undies or bras if u'r thinking of getting the white ::